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Weighing in Motion

Very High Speed, Intelligent Load Cell Interface Card


The LCIC-WIM was designed to fit the most demanding real time weighing and force measurement applications.
On the one hand, a very fast load cell interface allows users to capture the data at around 18,000 samples per second.
On the other hand, it is equipped with a powerful processor, 8 I/O, analog output and display that allows it to run embedded applications.

TruckScales for wim2.jpg

Weigh Trucks & Trains in Motion

Now you can get the LCIC-WIM board with embedded software to weigh trucks & trains in motion for slow and high speed WIM.

The calculated results are sent to the PC via the USB / RS485 port and allows our customers to make the interface with the user.

We also provide the basic utility for the PC that allows you to immediately check your WIM scale either for truck or trains.


A Stand alone In-Motion weighing controller for wheel and axle scales

Model LCIC-2CH

The newest stand-alone controller model: LCIC-2CH-WIM was specially designed to fit portable wheel and axle scales for determining the weight of all sort of vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Trains etc.) either in static mode or in motion. The LCIC-2CH-WIM is very friendly to operate while showing a very high accuracy. The In-motion speeds up the weighing process and allows weighing vehicles without the need to stop.

LCIC-4CH Direct industry email.jpg

A Four channels high speed load cell interface card

Model LCIC-4C

Need to weigh in motion?Find center of gravity? Maybe to check and identify on the fly? How about locate, measure and detect press changes? Just name your need and we will get it doable for you. And we don't stop here.

When it comes to high speed, and a fast measurement is required, we are the address for the challenge. 

LCIC-2CH-WIM עברית
LCIC-4CH עברית
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