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Bluetooth interface for Tiltmeter

Bluetooth interface for Tiltmeter

Tiltmeter on Bluetooth -Picture.jpg

This smart and advanced battery-operated Tiltmeter interface, will turn any standard Tiltmeter  with two (4-20mA) wires or 0-5v output to “smart” stand alone device with Bluetooth communication. Free (Android ) Apps allow reading the Tiltmeter from a distance of up to 30 meters (open field)  and saving the readings to a history file in excel format. File then can be sent directly from the phone to any email or as a message.

Main Features:

  • We can provide the entire Tiltmeter  or just the interface device

  • Very high accuracy. Sealed to meet  IP68

  • No external power required and  very low power consumption.  
    Battery last for a few years

  • Factory pre-calibrated  according to the Tiltmeter range

  • RS-485 serial communication (option) 

  • Very friendly Apps available free on play store. Apps displays also sensor’s name, temperature and battery level. 

Contact us...  |  Tel: 972-4-8110877

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