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Two  options:


Anchor monitoring with remote phone reading


The digital anchor load cell comes already calibrated in force or weight units, and allows it to be read remotely on any phone or tablet (from the Android family) via a free app that can be downloaded from the store. The app also allows you to save reading data including date and time and send them as an Excel file directly from your phone by email or text message. Each load cell has its own address and you can switch with the phone between all the cells installed in the field and save all the readings as an Excel file.

כביש 79-2.jpg
Sensor box.jpg

Built-in Bluetooth with free Apps to read and save reading with time stamp

20-25 meters

Wireless Digital anchor load cell

Model LCBW

Most advanced wireless battery-operated anchor load cell is a real “Game changer” that saves the need to run any cables, minimize the required labor cost for installation and requires no special reading instruments neither expensive datalogger or external power supply

תא כוח אלחוטי לניטור עוגנים  IMS
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תא כוח אלחוטי לניטור עוגנים  IMS

Anchor monitoring

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