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Stand alone and battery operated

This smart stand alone and battery operated converter, will turn any strain-gage load cell to a high accuracy digital load cell with Bluetooth interface.  Any Smartphone / Tablet (Android family) is now able to read the load cell in engineering units (kN, Ton, Kg, Lb) with our free IMS-Multisensor  app. available to download free from Play store.

The app stores all readings with timestamp and temperature to excel format file and send it directly from the phone by email or as a message. The application displays the   reading in all popular engineering units, and offers some more important features like Zeroing and Auto Save mode when customers can decide how often to measure and for how long -i.e. take a measure every 30 seconds and stop after 100 readings.

Typical applications:

  • Calibration labs on reference load cells that are being used  outside for testing customer’s equipment like press machines. Saves the need to buy expensive indicator. 

  • Anchor and bolt load cells – saves he need to run cables and buy a special indicator. 

  • Weighing systems like silo that are located on areas  with no power supply available. 


Main features

  • Saves the need for external indicator 

  • Easy calibration by simply entering  the Load Cell calibration table or, with weights

  • Multi point calibration and temperature correction—allows to improve load cell     accuracy 

  • Equipped with RS-485 serial communication for doing  the calibration and   reading the load cell directly  from a PC with our free PC applications. 

  • No need for external power supply. Internal battery will  last for years. 

  • The same Load Cell can be used for tension and compression after the calibration. 

  • Load cell can be read from up to 30 meter in open space. 

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Convert your Load-Cell to digital with BLUETOOTH

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