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Model: Tltbw

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The two-axis cellular Tiltmeter, allows quick installation at any site and automatic transmission of angles to a dedicated application in the cloud that saves read history, displays a suitable graph, allows immediate issuance of Excel reports and even sends alerts by email in case of abnormal changes. The app is accessible from any computer / phone  with an Internet connection and allows the supervisor access to view data from anywhere thus eliminating the need to send a person to the area and makes reports trustable. The unit is equipped with a battery that lasts for several years, its installation is simple and immediate without any need to run cables or supply power. 

In addition, it also comes with a built-in Bluetooth that allows the angles to be read directly to any mobile phone (Android) from a distance of up to 30 meters, including saving and sending them as an Excel file. 

Technical data

Sensor: MEMS biaxial

Range / Accuracy: +/-10°(<0.2%) or +/-30°(<0.5%)

Resolution: 0.01°

Protection class: IP67

Operating Temperature: -40°—70°c

Battery life: 4 years (4 reading per day)

Tiltmeter Size: 80*75*57 mm (Aluminum).

Electronic box: Rigid ABS IP68 150*90*50 mm

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