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Warranty & how to send an equipment for repair


Industrial Measurement Systems Ltd. (I.M.S Ltd.) warrants all products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 13 months from date of purchase - that day being determined by the serial number of the product and the shipping documents.

I.M.S. Ltd warranty adds an additional one (1) month grace period to the normal one (1) year product warranty to cover handling and shipping time. This ensures that our customers receive maximum coverage on each product.

If the unit should malfunction, it must be shipped prepaid and properly packed to our office for evaluation - A note indicating the nature of the problem must accompany all repairs - No RMA is required.

The product should be shipped without accessories or documentation. Make sure to contact I.M.S Ltd. via fax or email to prior you do the shipping to get further instructions.

Any product that is found to be defective within the warranty period will, at the option of the manufacturer, be either repaired or replaced at no charge. All out-of-warranty repairs will be billed at the cost of replacement materials, plus service time and shipping charges.

This warranty does not apply to products that have been subject to misuse, neglect, accident, improper interfacing, operation outside of design limits, improper installation or unauthorized repair or unauthorized modification.

In NO case shall the manufacturer's liability exceed the product's original purchase price. In NO event shall I.M.S. be liable for consequential, incidental or special damages. All shipping costs, taxes if applied or other costs to clear the product from custom are not covered by this warranty.


Dear Customer: For your information, you are able to download from our web site all the drivers and software that goes with the relevant product that you have purchased. Also, available there are the products user's manuals.
We keep updating our download section with any new program / driver / document once they are being released.
Most software is compressed as ZIP file, so please make sure to have the proper utility to unzip those files. (Winzip or similar program).

Software support:

We are trying to provide our customers with all the basic drivers as well as examples for the programmer in the most common languages - VB and C++ - for easy starting and installation. We also provide a useful utility for each of our product so; you can try each of our products immediately with your equipment - even before writing one line of code.
Anyway, if you face a problem – please do not hesitate to contact us and we shall do our best to email you back in 48 hours or less. In order to save you time, make sure to review our User's manual and all doc. files available prior contacting us.
In case of a Software / Driver question please contact:

Important: In case you do not have a programmer with the proper experience to prepare your application, please note that we also use to supply our customers with "Tailor made" applications to fit their requirements. In some cases customers are asking us to help them only with the critical parts of the software application (like the real-time part) so, we provide the application and the source code for easy understanding.
Please contact us with full description of the application you are looking for so, we shall be able to come back with a quotation. To get an official quotation please email:


Hardware support:

From our experience, which is based on thousands of boards in the field, in most cases when customer believes that he is facing a hardware problem – nothing was found wrong with the board after we got it back for repair. In some cases boards came back with no calibration, or with comments like "board not function" and after we run all tests the board found to be 100% OK.
Each one of our products is being tested for 72 hours prior shipping it to a customer so, we are confident about the quality and reliability of our products.
We do ask our customers to read the user's manual and to check the boards on a different PC before shipping them back for repair. We also shall be glad to support our customers with all advices that may help them to define if there is a real problem with the board and it needs to be shipped back for repair.

How to send a board / equipment for repair:

  • Return-Material-Authorization (RMA) is NOT required.

  • Email / Fax us the details (Model & serial number) of the equipment that you plan to ship and wait for our confirmation.

  • If possible use FedEx or UPS for the shipping.

  • Attach to the parcel a PO for the repair and mention that this equipment is made by IMS – Israel and it is being shipped back for repair only (It saves time and money to clear it from custom).

  • Put any value you want for custom purposes – low value will save time to clear it from custom.

  • Make sure to add a document that describes the problem you have faced with each item you send.

  • Send us a copy of the PO via fax or email and let us have shipping details.

Our shipping address:
Industrial Measurement Systems Ltd.
Shimshon 34 Street
Tel: 04-8110877 (mention it on the package).

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