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 Soil Anchor  / screws monitoring with remote phone reading

Model LCBLE 

The digital soil anchor load cell comes already calibrated in force or weight units, and allows it to be read remotely on any phone or tablet (from the Android family) via a free app that can be downloaded from play store. The app also allows you to save reading data including date and time and send them as an Excel file directly from your phone by email or text message. Each load cell has its own address and you can switch with the phone between all the cells installed in the field and save all the readings as an Excel file.


20-25 meters

Built-in Bluetooth with free Apps to read and Save Reading with time stamp


Main Features

  • The load cell calibrated according to the manufacturer's calibration table and is ready to work

  • Redundant the need for a unique reading head. Any Android phone will allow for power reading and data storage.

  • Equipped with a battery that lasts up to 10 years

  • Simple installation without any need to run cables

  • Option to read directly to the computer

  • Has much higher accuracy than required

Load Cell data

  • The Load Cell is manufactured in Europe by one of the leading companies in the field. 

  • Made of stainless steel with the most accepted Strain-Gage technology. 

  • 16 internal measuring points for maximum accuracy.

  • A variety of sizes and measuring ranges vary(50-2000kN) and an exceptional capacity of 50%.

  • Accuracy: 0.02%

  • Waterproof: IP68

  • Upper and lower adapter plates will be provided as required.

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Soil Anchor monitoring

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