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Soil  Anchor monitoring


Model LCBW

תא כוח אלחוטי לניטור עוגנים  IMS

20-25 meters

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תא כוח אלחוטי לניטור עוגנים  IMS

Most advanced Cellular + Bluetooth wireless soil anchor load cell, is a real “Game Changer” that saves the need to run any cables, minimizes the required labor cost for installation and requires no special reading instruments nor expensive data logger or external power supply. User can read the load cell directly on his smart phone with our free apps and data is automatically transmitted to our cloud application or directly to the customer's cloud application. 

Main Features: 

  • Built in Bluetooth with free Apps allows reading and saving the force with a timestamp and sending it in Excel format. Bluetooth is always available even if a customer decides to stop the cellular communication to the cloud.

  • Wakes up automatically within required frequency and sends the force/weight + temperature to a user’s friendly dedicated App that runs on a secured cloud

  • Any authorized user can view on his browser all past readings, watch history graphs and save the data in excel format

  • Equipped with a battery that lasts for years.

  • Zero installation costs - comes ready and transmits immediately after installation

  • Application automatically generates alerts according to customer's required presets

Note: The wireless controller fits all types of standard load cells, and can easily be used with other cloud applications that customers already have. The communication protocol is in standard JSON format over MQTT and we provide the full protocol. The SIM is a standard SIM and the customer can change the APN, IP and port to fit his broadcasting server. In case a customer prefers to use his own load cell, we provide the required application for calibration and enter the calibration table that comes with the load cell.  

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Technical data

Note: We can provide the complete product ready to be installed with stainless still EC made load cell, sim card and cloud services. Or, only the wireless load cell interface to connect with your load cell.

  • Communication method: Standard cellular network when each load cell has its own ID

  • Communication protocol: JSON format over MQTT

  • Load Cell: Fits any type of strain gage load cell with easy and straight forward calibration process from calibration table

  • Accuracy: 0.03% of full scale

  • Battery life: Last for 5-6 years (once a day sampling frequency)

  • Enclosure: 140*60*45mm Rigid ABS IP68 or use your own enclosure

Note : The sensor provided will be tailored to customer requirements and can be obtained for loads from 300KN to 1900KN

How to use the load cell monitoring systems
Installation in Semel 2.jpg

Upgrading cable anchor load cell to wireless

Monitoring the anchors in Tangier port

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