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4-20 mA (2 Wires) Sensor Interface to Bluetooth 

Model: LC420U

Gestecno load cell-1.jpg

2 wires 4-20 mA loop

Sensor to digital module convertor


20-25 meters


This smart and advanced battery-operated sensor converter, will turn any sensor with two (4-20mA) wires to a “smart” digital sensor with Bluetooth communication. Free Android Apps allows continually reading the sensor with a smartphone (or tablets) and saving the readings to a history file in excel format. File then can be sent directly from the phone to any email or as a message.

Main Features

Factory pre calibrated with option to store sensor’s multi-point calibration table with our free PC application.

No external power required. Very low power consumption allows  internal battery to last for few years (depends on battery size)

Built-in temperature sensor that can be used to improve accuracy by correcting the calibration. 

Very friendly Apps available free on play store. Apps displays also sensor’s name, temperature and battery level. 

Typical applications:

Pressure sensors

Main specifications:

Output voltage to sensor: 9 Volt

Power source: 3.6v lithium battery (different sizes are available)

PCB sizes: 43 x 55mm (Without enclosure)

Operating temperature: -30—+70 c

We can fit the unit to accommodate special needs for OEM customers 

4-20 mA (2 Wires) Sensor Interface to Bluetooth 

Hydraulic load cell

Accuracy: 0.01% (24 bit internal)

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